Habibi's resource

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What is habibi's resource?

Habibi's resource is the all in one definitive guide for all of your dark web exploring it has got anything and everything that you need in order to explore these terrifying and mysterious lands. If you need absolutely anything come here to learn about it. Now this site is mostly for exploring and we do not condone any illegal activities/behavoirs, but other then that this is the perfect place for you.

Now lets get fucking started on the fucking resource!

The sections of this site(clickable links)

Information about me and this site

Why the fuck did I make this website?

Cuz I am fucking sick and tired of dark web noobs asking me, "where can I find this". It gets way too repetitive after a while. I am sick and tired of having to either a)give resources or b)tell them to fuck off and look for it for themselves

What the fuck can I do with this webpage?

give it to a retard who doesn't know how to use google for shit(or any other forum/resource for that matter)

Who the fuck am I?

I'm a dude who has used the dark web for over 3 years and I keep seeing dark web noobs keep asking for shit that I figured out myself.

Where the fuck can I contact you at?

If you ever need to contact me for any reason my contact information is...

Now if you want optimal response speed, your best bet is my discord as thats what I look at the most as I do not check the others often. However if anonyminity is a major priority then use the others listed above.

Why the fuck don't you use email, wouldn't that be more proffesional?

I don't use email because I barely check it. I see it as too old fashioned. These days it's just quicker to just contact me at one of those sources rather then email.

Do you profit off of this site?

Nope, I do not use a single buck in order to host this site.

Can I volunteer to help in on this site?

Yes you sure can. If you have any suggestions on the websites design, information or security flaws. Please let me know ASAP as I will fix up the problem as soon as I possibly can.

I prefered the old website.

If you prefer the old website then use the archive for the old guide

I have seen you on [this chat here] chat is it really you

Most likely yes, but occasionally there will be a problem with imposters. These imposters will steal my name to either post CP or troll. If you see anyone posting CP/zoophilia, it's 100% not me. If you see anyone shoving religion down people's throats then it isn't me. If you see someone completely bashing Islam and they start talking like they're off their medication, that ain't me. If you find an imposter on any chat and see people falling for it, please do me a favour and link my site. Get the word out before I get slandered completely. Also, when in doubt, contact me.